360 Days In Review

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To everyone under 30,

Let me introduce myself: I am a recent graduate with a bachelors and masters degree. One year ago when I was done with school (shit, 16 years of my life just vanished before my eyes), I moved to New York City from Florida. I landed a job fairly quickly, and immediately realized everything I thought about being a ‘real person’ was based off of movies because, well, what else did I have to go off?

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Pretty soon, conversations with friends turn into complete bitch sessions about how unhappy we are in one aspect of our life or anther, and after searching and searching, there is no outlet that appeals to US (and really, who is more important than yourself at this age?)

Yes, there are plenty of articles and websites on career and relationship advice. But, I (and the other said friends) don’t think they’re helpful. “Six Tips on How to Create a Noticeable Cover Letter” is not helping me to find another job, and “20 Things you Learn in Your 20’s” is not making me a happier gal. There are SO many inexplicables  life can’t steer around, and on top of these bumps, our so-called “complaining” is frowned upon by the older generation as they instantly describe us as “entitled.”


So to all you career-hungry, bright but confused young adults: Today’s Juice is going to (hopefully) give all of us an outlet to support each other, and learn how to be on our way to a life of fulfillment, success, healthiness and most importantly, happiness.

To recap a heavy year, here’s what I’ve learned from my one year of being a working-woman in New York Citay:

1. Whatever you’ve learned in college is completely irrelevant to your job (unless you’re a doctor or teacher or lawyer)

2. You will hate your first job eventually (probably within the first four weeks)

3. You will not be surrounded with like-minded people

4. You do not choose who you get to spend the majority of your day with

5. The struggle is REAL, my friends

So regardless of your location and regardless of your salary, together we will make it through this struggle that we thought would be a wonderful time of paychecks and owning shit. We know we work hard, and it will be our attitude that get’s us through the day.

This is the shit that NO ONE told us, and a few words of advice on how to deal with the day-to-day.

Bottoms up to making it through the next day,



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