A How-To: Wardrobe Transitioning From Child to Adult

Okay, yes I am a girl who loves clothes, shopping, etc. And, before you stop reading – I would also say that up until this article, I was always in a toss on what pieces were transitioning with me, not against me, as I became an adult. I was having trouble with reorganizing my closet, and figuring out what was right to keep and what I needed that was more grown up.

Jennifer Lawrence

Cosmo UK

Finally, WhoWhatWear put this great little cheat sheet up on what to start phasing out of your wardrobe and what pieces are worth investing more in. The best part is – I find myself wearing the ‘toss-outs’ more often than I should at work, and now having more polished yet comfortable outfits, it’s much easier to dress nicer at work without really trying/on a whim.


Here’s what the important swaps boil down to (sorry for the numerous uses of ‘swap’) :


Swap Leggings for Jeans. Only on rare (cold/rainy) occasions should you wear leggings to work. Don’t these just look so much more pulled together?

Swap your cheap sunglasses for a quality pair. They’ll last longer and will take your outfit up a notch. Melanie Pace does sunnies real well: here, here and here.




Swap your beat-up wedges for lace-up heels. Okay, yes, toss your gross marked up shoes from the club (or ONLY wear them for after 12am play). They are not cute. Invest in a couple pairs of good heels/flats that aren’t 6 inches tall.


Swap your old sorority tank for a graphic tee. This should have already been done, right CB?


Swap sweatpants for joggers. Yes. All of these from Nordstrom! Wear them lounging or dress them up – see below.
PS: Don’t ever by full price, it will always go on sale.



Swap your drawstring backpack for a leather tote. Yes again. Like this one:Nordstrom

Nordstrom, $48 (faux)


Bottom’s up to establishing a wardrobe (that is something to cheers to!) and just in time for weekend shopping,


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