Beating the Sunday (or Monday) Spooks #2

For those that are beating the Sunday Spooks on a Monday (Happy Columbus Day!) , this will be you tomorrow morning:

cameron charlies angels

For the rest of us, here is the weekly round up to get you through your next week:


1. Dryel. This at home dry cleaner is perfect for tops and bottoms that need a refreshing, and not necessarily a $40 trip to the real dry cleaners. (Their stain remover is also the shit!)

2. Take this quiz “How Grown-Up Are You?” Don’t feel bad if you have a low score. Use the week to improve upon it. Or don’t, and stay forever young.

3. Lauren Conrad’s fall reading list. Some of these look real good.

4. These super cool plaid nails from Shay Mitchell:
plaid nails

5. Blake Lively’s fall baby shower was pretty much perfect.


Bottoms up to faking sick on Monday!


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