Beating the Sunday Spooks #1

Do you find yourself discouraged and depressed on a Sunday around 4p because you know an ENTIRE five day week is ahead of you? We call that the spooks, and know that you’re not alone. To beat the spooks,  I try to enjoy my Sunday, whether that’s day drinking while watching football with friends or a homemade hair mask + nail painting (or all of the above). In addition, I’ve rounded up my favorite stories and inspiration from the past week to make this day a little more fun.

1. Obsessed with these gem bobby pins from


2. Lorde’s new song: Yellow Flicker Beat for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

3. Everything Just recently I’ve become more intrigued with interior design, and she is the goddess of it all.

4. Treat yourself to a massage! Go to your local nail salon and ask for a 10 or 20 minute chair massage (cheaper than a full body massage at a spa). You build up so much tension in your back and neck from sitting at a desk that you should make these a bi-weekly habit. Read Women’s Health’s article on how to have your best massage.

5. Eva Chen’s gorgeous navy and grass green mani (Hi Fall!):


6. Subscribe to theSkimm, that is if you haven’t already. This once a day email comes to your inbox in the a.m. to deliver a complete round-up of the most important global news.

Bottoms up to beating the Spooks!


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