Book Review: #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Okay for those of you who haven’t read #GIRLBOSS by Nasty Gal founder and CEO, Sophia Amoruso, you should go get it now. If you feel too lazy, than you’ve already robbed yourself of great advice, but that’s what I’m here for, right? Read on.

Back story: Amoruso started her company from an eBay shop where she hunted down vintage clothing, styled/shot the photos and then made a profit. Her fan base grew quickly, and she decided to open an e-commerce site to keep up with demand. (There is a lot of other details of her life that make her cool, like she used to steal (not cool, but interesting?) and she has quite the eclectic background of hobbies.) Today, we have Nasty Gal, an online retailer raking in $100m + a year. Very cool.

First piece of advice: “Learn to create your own opportunities. Fortune favors action.” What does this mean? For Sophia, it meant that she needed to make money to live, because she didn’t like working under someone else. She opened up her eBay shop, and did every part of selling the item: purchased the item, merchandised it, shipped it, all while putting the customer first.

For you, at the very least, start writing your ideas down. Whether you have a cool thought about a business you want to start or come across someone whose job you find interesting, write it down. Then, take action: reach out to someone in your company in another department for a one-on-one meeting to find out how they are getting their shit done. Stop being lazy and take action on your thoughts. Because the person that’s going to get your dream job has most likely already taken some of these steps.

Second: “Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.” In Amoruso’s case, she had to save the money she was making from her early days in order to keep purchasing merchandise, and to ultimately continue her shop. She had an outstanding credit card payment ($28 bucks) that ruined her credit score to get any other kind of credit. So, making the money first was her only option.

leo money

For us, stop buying pointless stuff. Make it a priority to pay off your debt. Trust me, I know the urge to buy those amazing new boots that are nothing like your other pairs. But listen up: having money saved to take an unforgettable trip or to purchase a URL for your new website will actually turn out to be an investment in your life.

Third: Ask for what you want. Sophia talks about asking for money, and how for most people it’s awkward. “Learn to separate your money from your emotions as much as you possibly can.” This goes for work and personal life. Also, she learned that in order to get the price she wanted, she had to flat out ask for it.

Have you asked for a raise? If not, don’t expect anyone to read your mind. This goes for more than just money. Bored at work? Ask for more responsibility. You have to put yourself out there to get the results that YOU want. The worst someone can say is no, and that won’t kill you.


Fourth: The use of Sigils. What are sigils? An abstract word or symbol you create and embed with your wishes. There are two types Amoruso talks about:

  1. Start by writing out your desire in a single word, a couple of words or a short sentence. Then remove all the duplicate letters, then all the vowels – basically you can do whatever you want here – until you’re left with a bunch of lines that you combine into one symbol. Then you put the piece of paper in a book, in your wallet, or some other place it won’t get lost.

– The Point: you’ve taken the time to truly think about what you want. That will subconsciously sit with you and you’ll
hopefully make this a reality.

  1. Treat your passwords as modern day sigils, embedding them with wishes, promises and financial goals for yourself.

– The Point: instead of your passwords being Il0veb3yonce!, make it s@ve4eur0 (Save for Europe) if you’re wanting to go to Europe, or anything else you really want to accomplish. You type this password in numerous times a day, so this will remind you more often of your goals. You then in return might not hit up the Gilt sale at noon every day.

Fifth: A lot of mishmash on being yourself, how to get hired, and how to take care of your business. But lets be honest, Amoruso’s life is definitely not the norm, so I think a lot of this is very subjective.

All in all, be bold. Ask for what you want, and don’t forget what your true wishes are. I leave you with a quote from the nasty gal herself, “The real challenge lies in perfecting the art of knowing which rules to accept and which to rewrite. The more you experiment, take risks, and make mistakes, the better you’ll know yourself, the better you’ll know the world, and the more focused you’ll be.”

beingboldPurchase the book via Amazon here.

Bottoms up to all of that,



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