“Get Excited About the Mistakes You Will Make”– Leandra Medine

But seriously, you will make MANY mistakes. And you’ll feel shitty. But know that the mistake will pass over in days if not hours. Learn from it, and realize that making mistakes is now how you learn in the real world. It’s a huge adjustment, because up until age 22, a mistake was trying really hard on a paper or studying and still getting a B. Not anymore, sunshine. But know that even your CEO makes them, so chill out.

Okay, so what do you do when you make one?

1. Take Responsibility. Being accountable for your actions shows your maturity.

2. Find a solution. Our friends at TheMuse.com suggest you devise a few options and present them to someone you trust and get their opinion.

3. In a day or two, look back on the situation. Think about how you made the mistake and how next time you can prevent it. Also, ask for feedback on how you handled the pressure. Your manager probably has good advice on how to handle similar situations in the future.


Bottoms up to making it past Monday!


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