How to Write a Thank You Note After an Interview

(E-mail or handwritten, and both should be done after an interview)

I’m sure we’ve all been writing thank you notes since we started writing. Our parents forced us after birthdays and holidays to scribble something on a card and send it to the relatives. But now in the real world, scribbling a “Thank you for the new sweater, Grandma! I can’t wait to wear it. Miss you and hope to see you soon!” doesn’t cut it.

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Writing a thank you note for an interview has to be professional, thoughtful and not too long. With all of the nerves before, during and after an interview, making sure you have all the information to write a successful and memorable note can easily be forgotten. Here are the steps I take to make sure my thank you is as great as my interview went:

First: make sure you know the names of everyone who interviewed you. Your memory sucks? That’s what a pen and paper is for, and you should have that out right when you take your seat in the interview to take notes and ask questions later on. Jot down the names as soon as you hear them, and if you forget, ask for a card after the interview.

Second: and most important, mention something you had in common with the interviewer, or something they said that you liked or found interesting about the position or the company. This shows you were paying attention to the interviewer, and can appreciated them taking time out of their day. You should also use this commonality to tie in how you will be a great asset to the team (and get along with the company culture!).

Third: express your interest in the position, and ask if you can provide them with any other information. This is a crucial point in ending the note, because if you don’t ask, you won’t receive; don’t be afraid to be assertive.

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Last: ask for next steps. Make sure you know what time frame they are working with, and they will let you know when to reach out if you haven’t heard from them. Respecting their time shows your consideration.

Wondering what the time frame is to send? The e-mail thank you should be sent no later than end of day that the interview took place. As you go to hand write your second note, make sure you are looking back on the e-mail so you don’t repeat the same note to the same person. Send the handwritten note the next day with a stamp (don’t write it after the interview and hand it to the receptionist – super tacky).

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Bottoms up to no-stress thank you’s (and getting the job!),



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