I Went Six Months Without Shopping.

And It Was Awesome.

Back in December I wanted to share my New Year’s Resolutions, because for the first time in years (maybe ever), I thought of things I wanted to change about my self and wrote them down. Truth is, I forgot. So here is what they are/were (if you were curious):


  1. Stop spending money on bad (not tasty) food
  2. Complete digital photography course by April 1st
  3. Use my camera more in general
  4. No shopping until June 1st
  5. Spend four hours a week learning or reading


One week ago, June 1, I completed number four: No clothing, shoes or accessory shopping that I DIDN’T NEED for SIX months. I was able to travel, eat insane meals and be able to buy cool groceries like good wine that was $15 a bottle and not $8. I also got really creative with coming up with new outfits – it’s like being a stylist for yourself (take note from this queen who wore one dress ten ways). Plus, it really gave me something to work for that only required mental strength and having supreme self-control over something I LOVE.


Being able to keep this promise (resolution?) has motivated me to improve other aspects of my life, like maintaining a workout schedule and improving my Photoshop skills; I am taking a class now once a week!
Lesson learned: it’s important to work on mindfulness, and be present in the moment. Set a goal for yourself, then realize it’s a slow process of making tiny decisions, over the course of the rest of your life, that put you there. Although many things in our life don’t have instant gratification any more, knowing you’ve put months of efforts into something you wanted to do is a great feeling.


It’s all about having a good balance between living in the present and learning for the future. Putting thought into what I wanted this year to shape into (resolutions) is really helping me focus on future goals while living in the moment.


Are you still keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? If not it’s not too late for mid-year-solutions…

Bottoms up to finally shopping!



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