“Know that there is no Finish Line; Fortune Favors Action” – Sophia Amoruso

When I first read this line from #GIRLBOSS, I contemplated getting the last three words as a tattoo… seriously (but lame, I know). I’ve been envisioning this blog for a while, and after a year went by, I realized all of the progress I essentially wasted by not taking action.


What finally motivated me to take the plunge was this: I was talking to a coworker at a new job. He is in grad school, and I expressed how surprised I was that he had energy to maintain both. He responded, “well you sleep 8 hours a day, then you commute let’s say 2 hours between places, and you work 9-10 hours a day, that leaves you 4-5 hours to enhance your life exactly the way you want to.”

So moral of that story: choose what you want to do with your time, and make it count. You will find you have a lot more energy, and you’ll be a happier person. It’s very satisfying to know that you are paving a stronger foundation for your future, and you’re doing it by yourself (or maybe with some friends).



**Sophia Amoruso is the founder & CEO of Nasty Gal and author of #GIRLBOSS. Book review to come shortly (it’s good shit, you should just read it for yourself).


Bottoms up to you doing you!



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