This may seem like the most pointless post, but a portion of my friends and coworkers don’t have a LinkedIn account, and if they do, they don’t use it!

LinkedIn does the hardest part of networking for you: taking out the awkward conversation in real life. Find people you know and click connect. People want to help people, and nothing says “I’m a serious career person” like a stellar profile with easy access.



Here are some tips to get the most out of LinkedIn:


  • Take time to think of your internships and experiences that contribute to your skill set.
  • Use quantitative (number) descriptions to enhance details, as many as you can!
  • Reach out to former bosses, coworkers and professors and ask them to write a
    recommendation at their earliest convenience. (This can also be printed and used alongside your resume during an interview – save this!)
  • Use a professional picture (duh).
  1. Start following companies you are interested in.
  • Companies will have listings for jobs, as well as new updates about their company and
  • Search for people you may know that work for these companies or sister companies and see what their past experience includes.

3. Network.

  • This means to find out who heads HR for the company you’re interested in, or find someone
    who is in the position above or below the one you’re interested in. Use the LinkedIn message
    function to reach out to these people. Tell them the position you’ve applied for, and ask them
    for just a phone call or work e-mail to introduce yourself.

4. Post.

Also, if you’re thinking of paying to upgrade to a premium account, do it. If you don’t find it useful, cancel the account. I have heard great success stories because it allows you to find a person that posted a specific position or grants you access to reserach more people within a specific company. Don’t be shy! Either someone doesn’t answer you or you get a ‘no’ and move on.

With so many other young adults searching for a job just like you, having access to your online resume and your worth as an employee is crucial.


Questions? Ask below and I will give you my best advice.

Bottoms up, to that sexy profile!



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