Money is fascinating: it’s what makes the world go around (besides the conservation of angular momentum, yes). It’s one of the many reasons we wake up and get out of bed every day. Money is something every person is familiar with, and you likely have a love/hate relationship with the green.


So, now I must ask, did anyone teach you how to manage it?


Michelle Tanner MoneyBudgeting is obviously the first step in managing your cash flow. To budget, you must first consider your income and then figure out your discretionary income. (Discretionary income = money remaining after deduction of taxes, other mandatory charges, and expenditure on necessary items.)


In simple terms: how much money are you making and what are your monthly costs?


Next, make sure to include your 401K (or 403B), a savings account, college loans (where is Elizabeth Warren when you need her?), a bit of credit card debt (perhaps?) into your budget. If this seems like a lot for those who don’t work with numbers every day, you’re not alone; it is! But, we thank the man upstairs for the Internet and Refinery29, because they’ve listed out a few tips that are quick to execute AND can save you a buck (or $3,000!).


Here they are:


Register for Digit. It’s a free service that monitors your spending habits and scoops a little bit away from your checking account that it knows you won’t notice. It can add up to; let’s say a quick $40 or so, saved at the end of the month! Read more about how the service works here.


Real talk: my boyfriend and I have been using Digit for a couple of weeks, and we are obsessed! You gauge how much you want to save and it keeps you updated with your checking account balance. HELLO VACATION FUND!


Take advantage of your Tax Return. Here are seven tax deductions and credits you can take advantage of (if you’re not already). It’s always good to plan ahead!


Stash Wealth. You should check out this company (started by a woman!): Stash Wealth. This is a financial services company that caters to us kids in our 20’s and 30’s; we have money, but it’s not raining Benjamin’s. If you aren’t ready to commit to her services yet, then simply subscribe to her newsletter! There is no easier way to learn how to manage your money than by learning and practicing with it.


401(K) vs. ROTH IRA. Do you know the difference? Didn’t think so (and neither did I). Ask your boyfriend/girlfriend, your mom or friend if they know a financial advisor that can do a once over of your savings (or use Stash Wealth!). Have them help you decide which long-term investment plan is right for you. It’s important to have someone look at your finances one-on-one, so you can be sure that they are tailoring it to your lifestyle and long-term goals.


And finally, Student Loans/Debt. Credit card debt is first priority – they charge you interest! Figure out a payment plan for both, and if possible, consolidate! There are so many options for you to consolidate your debts. Start by reaching out to your bank to help you. A simple Google search will tell you everything you need to know.


If money frequently puts you in a bad mood, don’t let it. There are so many resources at your fingertips to get it under control; it’s just up to you to get it together (welcome to adulthood, pal). You have so much control over your own finances, that it’s pure ignorance to not manage it wisely.


Beyonce in a pool of money


If you have any suggestions for saving money, or helpful resources you’d love to share on managing money, please comment below!


Bottoms up to saving BANK,




One more resource: how a chick tripled her savings account. #GOALS

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