My Best Advice About Hair Care

So. One of my girlfriends recently asked why I sleep on a silk pillow case (it clearly doesn’t match the rest of my Anthro bedding…) and I thought to myself, “If she doesn’t know why, who else doesn’t know why?!”


A silk pillowcase will do wonders for your hair and skin (boys – I’m sure you could use some extra help too, no?) in many, many ways. And, once I started researching more about this, I learned a lot more about how to preserve your hair, whether you’re washing it, styling it or sleeping on it. And most of the tips are simple tweaks I can make to my hair routine, like:


Washing Hair

When you’re washing it:

Stop shampooing so much! I know for many it’s not feasible to only wash your hair once a week, so next time you go to do a full wash, only use conditioner on the lower half! You wash out only some of the oil in your scalp, and still gets your ends moisturized so your hair will look super shiny, and you save on product. If you’re nearing that oily-ness that is super shiny, use dry shampoo to take away the shine.


When you’re styling it:

Blogger Brooklyn Blonde shows us 7 days of her super easy but super chic styles. She only washes her hair twice (once in the beginning and then four days in), and every single style is so polished. My fav is the high pony, always!

Ariana Grande

When you’re sleeping on it:

Okay so this part is twofold –

  1. Learn to sleep on your back. Not only is it horrible for your hair, it is super bad for your skin wrinkles. WhoWhatWear’s editor taught herself through baby steps. I am still trying this out…
  2. Silk Pillow case! Basically it’s a natural product so it doesn’t catch your hair like man-made and it keeps in moisture which sounds like it’s bad but that’s what keeps wrinkles away.


If you have curly hair:

FLOP. Learn about it here and thank me later.


Here’s a little bit about my routine… I have thick but fine, wavy hair that is highlighted. So it’s dry and it’s frizzy, but when managed, I can go 5-6 days without a wash (God bless dry shampoo). Around day 4 I will rinse it and condition it and plan to wear it curly or up the next couple of days.


(Left set, $55; Right set, $25)

I am really liking both of these brands for shampoo and conditioner. They both leave my hair feeling really clean and very moisturized. I think the WHITE brand does a better job of conditioning, especially for when I do just a rinse and condition.


(From left to right: Bamboo Serum, $15; Bumble and bumble Polish, $28; Lush Dry Shampoo, $14; Miss Jessie’s Curls, $22; Comb, $2.99)

The serum on the left is what I use after I do a full wash, and next to that is the shine gloss I use almost every morning. Lush’s dry shampoo is the best – a simple scent and such a bang for your buck, and Miss Jessie’s is my go-to curling cream (because we are both Jessie’s, duh). I also don’t own a brush – I use a wide-tooth comb instead.


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Bottom’s up to rockin’ the piece,



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