Nighttime Routines

If you truly think your night routine is just as smooth as your morning routine, you can stop reading now.

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If you’re still reading… think about your night routine. I bet the only constant thing is brushing your teeth and washing your face. Do you get ready for your sleep the same way you get ready for your day? I bet not.


In the mornings, we know what we are doing for the rest of the day, and if we don’t, we have a calendar to look at and a note pad to write in. When you sleep however, you have no control of your thoughts. Being that sleep is such an integral part of our day by recharging us, why don’t we take this time more seriously?



I recently read an article from The Muse that gives you five bedtime routines to make your sleep better and mornings easier:


  1. Plan your 3 most important tasks the next day. Whether work or personal related, you’ll realize you get so much more done by planning for three tasks a day.


  1. Collect your minds residue (write things down). I recommend this Five Year Memory book that I’ve been keeping since two and a half years ago. Weird how similar things happen on same dates in your life.


  1. Check the weather forecast and pick out your clothes. I got this cool hook from Anthropologie that not only reminds me to choose my outfit, but it also can work to hang bags or hats (and looks cool).


  1. De-clutter your handbag/briefcase. Skip this unless you are a complete hoarder. If you are, try using cute pouches to organize like this or these.


  1. Relax with your favorite activity. You should be able to take 30 minutes every day to do something you love. For me, it’s making sure I’m catching up with long distance friends and family, and cooking good shit like these stuffed sweet potatoes!


Start with one or two of these and see if you notice a difference either in how you slept or if your morning felt calmer. If not, you don’t need another routine in your day, you free spirit you.


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Bottoms up to a better sleep!



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