“Some scholars argue that millennials aren’t entitled — they just have more time to be themselves.”

Finally. An article that gives reasoning to 20-something’s approach for not following the timelines our parents have followed. The article posted two Sundays ago from NPR, “Getting Some ‘Me’ Time: Why Millennials Are So Individualistic”, explains just that: how we have taken more time to be ourselves, not entitled.


God Bless.

So I know this is a no-brainer, but I’m pointing this out for a reason; the following are the top three markers for adulthood according to the 2014 Clark Established Adult Poll:

  1. Accepting responsibility for self,
  2. Financial independence and
  3. Making independent decisions.

All things above are not available in any college course catalog that I’m aware of. We learn in college, in a roundabout way, how to achieve competency in these three areas. We’re trying hard to figure out these “adult markers.” Well, with the low salary, entry-level jobs that essentially have no need for prior education, being positive about our current situation is like being positive no calories are consumed while inhaling pizza.

“Others say that young people recognize that the old institutions aren’t working. It’s not that they don’t want to participate, but they lack trust that individual participation will make a difference.” DUH. With technology evolving, we’ve had the most comprehensive education, being able to use very real-life examples to make us a better future employee. We know that we are too useful to be creating Excel charts and booking conference rooms. Pair this along with being free from social rules, because there should be no social rules in your 20’s, and we can get a little cracked.


This article continues to talk about how we are more interested in social change than the politics of politics, and the longer we have to figure ourselves out the better off we’ll be in the long run.

A side fact for all my ladies tryin’ to put a ring on it like now: The median age of marriage for women today is 27. Fifty years ago it was 20. Chill out and learn to be yourself. The prince will come.


Bottoms up to not being entitled,




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