Sunday Spooks #10

Just a recent thought: after two weekends of visiting long-time friends, I’ve come to realize that making time for other people you love, even if it’s not convenient for you (money, time, etc), is good for the soul. As I’ve mentioned here, keeping relationships after college is tough, and making the effort is always worth it.

Here are the best clips from the web I found this past week, and I would love to hear your favorites as well – comment below!

1. “For all the books I read, at some point you also just really have to trust your gut and just do it. You learn by doing.” – Emily Weiss, founder of Into the Gloss. My goal with this blog is to inspire young adults to be more positive and open-minded, which I know can be difficult when you feel like you’re dealing with so many other things. This quote says it best, although it’s definitely easier said then done.

do it

2. I recently read an article about The Perfect Paper Notebook via Come to find out, one of the guys that started it was on my Birthright trip years ago. He left his great job in finance to start this endeavor. A good read for someone wanting to start their own venture and scared to take the jump.

3. I’m not much of a quote-lover, but these 16 quotes are guaranteed to make you smile via


4. The Wall Street Journal ask six ‘luminaries’ (used loosely…. Kendall Jenner a luminary?) to write on a topic we can all relate to: Youths. (As Schmidt from New Girl would say: Yoouthz). Some interesting point of views in this, especially because the ‘luminaries’ are such a diverse group.

5. Probably the most important video you will watch all week: This Is Water. If you’re still intrigued, read this article via on the guy who wrote/spoke it. And if you STILL want more ( I did…), watch the whole commencement speech. The next time you’re fuming at work because something didn’t go your way, I guarantee “This Is Water” will immediately pop into your head.


Bottoms up to Valentine’s Day (however you’re spending it),


PS: I’m peacin’ to Italy for President’s Day, so the Spooks will be back in a couple of weeks!

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