Sunday Spooks #12

Guess who’s baaaccckkk…

So I recently moved into a studio, and I have been annoyingly preoccupied with decorating it. Along the way, I’ve been reviving my personal style. It’s been a very eye-opening experience because my whole life I’ve loved every color on the spectrum, and now I’m gravitating towards neutrals. This along with adjusting to living solo is quite the transition.

1. I also didn’t realize how expensive home shit is. I’ve been scouring the web for a a site that isn’t Target but also doesn’t start at $200 for throw pillows. Enter Lulu & Georgia. Obsessed.


2. My Domain wrote a really great article on startups run by females in the tech world.

3. Think you can turn your hobby into a full time job (don’t we all wish this)? Some of these people did!

4. You can now shop straight from pins on Pinterest!!!

5. This delicious grilled brie and pear sandwich from


Bottoms up to a productive week. Welcome interns 🙂


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