Sunday Spooks #13

This week’s round up is really good, enjoy!

1. One of my best friends has been working 12+ hour days, and she is miserable. Of course there are many a nights that are inevitable, but there does come a point where it could be affecting your health. Read this article by The Muse to see if you are showing signs of working TOO hard.

2. All of these ways to transform a wall via Buzzfeed. There are so many cheap and amazing ideas here!

3. Mark Cuban has a seriously good story. Read his advice for us young millennials on Business Insider here – maybe someday we’ll all graduate to owning sports teams?

4. Want to show off to your significant other next weekend morning? Make them these delectable strawberry griddle cakes. Recipe via Smitten Kitchen.

strawberry griddle cakes


5. More advice for us 24-year-olds , but this time from a working woman and not a billionaire. She explains the difference between living life and living for the life that you want.

6. A giant list of how to spruce your workspace! You spend so much time at work there is no reason for it to suck.




Bottoms up to summertime!





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