Sunday Spooks #14

Happy Father’s Day to my first favorite man, the one and the only, Barry. And to all of the other fathers! I am so thankful to be able to spend this day with him and the rest of my family in Florida this year for the holiday, including my brother-in-laws first Fathers Day and my nieces 1st birthday!

I hope everyone’s week is smooth sailing. Here is the weekly round up:


1. My mom purchased me this acne spot treatment from Pete Thomas Roth because I have ‘adult acne’ on my chin. X_X. I could see a difference in my skin with this stuff literally over night.


2. I’ve been using a silk pillowcase for years due to claims that it helps with wrinkles on your face and it keeps your hair less frizzy. This article by Lucky Shops supports these claims and suggests a great brand.

good hair day


3. These are the best movies on Netflix right now. You’re welcome.



4. This delicious buffalo chicken thing that seems to be healthy and is satisfying all of my buffalo cravings via The Domestic Blonde.

buffalo chicken

The Domestic Blonde


5. @Misshattan: the incredible photographer that you should follow on insta right now. Also check out her blog here.



Coming up this week on the Juice is a book review on Lean In – the #GirlBoss of the generation above us.

Bottoms up to a summer week!






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