Sunday Spooks #15

Heyyyyy guys! Happy National Ice Cream Day – your excuse to have it this whole week in my opinion. Kick of your Monday with some ice cream and…


1. So we all know and love those bloggers and queens on Instagram that look flawless… but take a look how long this blogger takes to edit her picture via Refiner29. Who knew we all had Photoshop on our iPhone?




2. I am the first one to gaze/drool at the Haribo candy wall at my closest bodega, but no matter how healthy you think you eat, you need to watch Fed Up. It’s really amazing how SO much of our daily consumption is SUGAR. And how it’s actually so bad for us.




3. Since graduating college, I’ve been struggling with moving away from my colorful and playful clothing to more structured and quality pieces. Even though you might have the ‘basics’, there are some classic items that truly will never go out of style, so resits the urge to purchase the trendier version. Blogger Damsel in Dior gives you a list of 30 things you should invest in now (*still valid even if you’re under 30).


4. In the spirit of the link above, Refinery 29 tells us why expensive denim is actually economically sound and better quality than a cheaper pair.


Kendall Jenner


5. And finally, be your best self this week. Here is Crain’s list of 40 Under 40 for 2015. Fortune Favors Action.


Blair Waldorf


Bottom’s up to eating something delicious with no added sugar this week.





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