Sunday Spooks #17

Happy Short Week! I hope everyone’s Labor Day was filled with all the best things: good people, good food and good weather! Nothing is better than spending time with old friends, which is exactly what I got this weekend, and I hope your holiday was just as great! Start off your week with a few quick reads:


1. You can definitely wear white after Labor Day. Lucky Shops shows you exactly how to do it with every item of clothing.

White Denim

Great looks from


2. The Muse share 7 books that Sheryl Sandberg thinks you should read. A great assortment of topics including Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants.

Bossy Pants


3. If you have a small kitchen like me, keeping it clean is super necessary. Here are a list of really great tools to keep your kitchen pristine. My favorites are this Pig Pot Clip and the clip-on spout!



4. Most of my friends are avid exercisers, but just to reiterate the importance of it, The Muse explains why this habit should be prioritized over work. This makes me think if I can wake up to work out in the morning, I can afford to come into the office 5 minutes later, right?


Olsen Twin Workout


5. Follow me on Insta! @Todays_Juice (and Facebook )


Bottoms Up to a 4-day week (and my rents in town this weekend!)




P.S.: Check back for my own take on NYC in 48 hours.



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