Sunday Spooks #18

With summer still lingering in the city, it’s so nice that we’ve been able to continue taking advantage of the gorgeous weather! The rents were in town; we made stops at Joe’s Pizza and Bleeker Street Pizza, Penelope’s (my neighborhood jam), and Zagara! A lot of family time was spent and was much needed. Start off your week off with some great reads (and TV premiers!!):


One of the most daunting parts (I think) about networking is making that first interaction. Whether it’s in person or through e-mail, making a clear and clean first impression is a must. The Muse shares a really great e-mail template that is a sure fire way to get that one ‘busy’ person to e-mail you back.


The Muse Networking


We all know how bad fast food is for you, but for those times you’re on a roadtrip and just can’t help it, Thrillist gives you the healthiest orders at the most popular fast food joints. My favorite is Chick-fil-A, and luckily New York City is getting a location on October 3rd.


Red Rock Tribune

Red Rock Tribune


And to celebrate this opening, here are 13 facts you didn’t know about Chick-fil-A.



One of my most favorite jewelry designers is Loren Hope. All of her items are hand made with precious stones in Rhode Island. Every season, she debuts a new collection that are always so gorgeous. Her latest look book is coming out in 3 installments, and I really enjoy the gorgeous images that her and her team put together. Great inspiration if you’re in the creative field!


Loren Hope


FALL TV Starts! So many premiers! What shows do you guys watch? I’m most excited for be How To Get Away With Murder!

How To Get Away With Murder


Bottoms up to a wine night to kick off the week,


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