Sunday Spooks #20

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a fun-filled weekend, and hopefully discovered new places in your city along the way. My weekend was filled with mom-approved activities, from getting a private tour of Charles Fazzino’s studio, to the Gators winning, to seeing the Pope (!) and of course, eating!



This week’s round up includes a great new site that has a millennial-friendly twist on finance adviceBroke Millennial (that came highly recommended to me by my successful cousin). And follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more updates on what’s interesting in the world.


So you’ve cleaned out your wardrobe to weed out the ‘college’ wear, but you still can’t seem to nail down outfits for work? WhoWhatWear shares 5 full-proof outfit sets that you will be able to put together outfits with what you have. Definitely hit that snooze for an extra five minutes you’ve just earned.


The Gloss

The Gloss


I can only speak for myself, but I will admit that I know little to nothing about managing my finances. I have (and am still going too…!) prolonged this for a long as I can, but I also know I need to start learning more about it ASAP.

To start, check out this blog by Erin, a 26-year-old who realized school doesn’t teach you financial management. And that we need a way to figure it out now. Also, download the budget sheet from Broke Girl Gets Rich. This is a great first step to start your path to financial bliss.


Do you know what the definition of a Feminist is? Believing in equal rights. Lena Dunham, love her or hate her, she’s a pretty down-to-Earth girl, interviews Hillary Clinton, and I think everyone needs to watch this. Why? Because there is still inequality all over the US, you probably just don’t realize it.

The full interview isn’t live until September 29, but you can watch a sneak peak here.


Telegraph UK

Telegraph UK


Halloween is right around the corner! I’m always running around last minute deciding on my costume. To be more prepared this year, here are a couple intricate yet easy ideas (that can still be fashionable!)


Warner Bros

Warner Bros


Bottoms up to less money stress,



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