Sunday Spooks #21

If I can give you any advice this month, it’s to never buy picture frames from anywhere but a discount store like TJ Maxx. There is hardly a frame that is over $10, and you can always find something that works into your theme.


Now for the good stuff. Here are 4 links you probably missed but must read:


This is a very inspiring read by Refinery 29: Celebrity Business Failures. Realize that even those that have any and every resource at hand sometimes fail, and those failures are necessary. Don’t harp on what went wrong; make changes to do it better in the future.


Jennifer Lawrence


Have you ever seen a dance routine on Segways? Watch these guys get down on two wheels to the song of the year (debatable, I know – but it is a good song)!


You spend so much time at work, make your desk you! Take some inspiration from the Jenna Lyons’ (the President/Creative Director of J.Crew) desk!


We 💖 JL (aka @jcrew's Jenna Lyons) and she 💖 shoes. Her favorite 👠 are in our bio rn 💁

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Almost one year ago I talked about my skin care routine. Now, it’s changed quite a bit. Reasons include costs, and the fact that I wanted to start trying other products to name a few. This article from shares amazing products from Amazon that have over 1,000 positive reviews, plus they are SO CHEAP! I tried a few of them, and I can’t wait to share my new routine with you!


Amazon Beauty


Bottoms up to a beautiful week,


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