Sunday Spooks #23 (Monday edition)

Because the worst day of the week is already over, I thought I would share 8 reasons to use and love the site Thrillist (if you don’t already), and hopefully help you out with your current Monday:


1. 12 Home Improvement Skills Every Adult Should Know. And if you don’t have a tool kit yet, this one from Target has everything you need.


2. We all know anxiety is a real thing, but what happens when you’re out with friends or at work and have a panic attack?  Learn how to stop one or calm yourself down if you feel an attack coming on with these 4 steps.


lisa kudros


3. In just one hour, make a custom bar cart for your home or apartment. Bonus? It will cost less than your bar tab out!


4. Does your neighbor at work think he’s a super fit because he has a standing desk? Now you can prove him wrong because apparently the benefits of a standing desks are a huge lie.


5. We all don’t sleep enough. So if you’re experiencing one of these 10 signs, go ahead and call in sick tomorrow because you DEFINITELY need to catch up on those Zzz’s.




6. For all my North Easterners: Long Island Wine Country is just as legit as Napa. Okay, maybe not as pretty, but if you love wine, traveling a couple hours by car is way more convenient than a cross-country flight.




7. And for those who don’t like to shower: you’re in luck. The rest of us are just showering TOO MUCH!


8. Ever wonder what the pilots do during take-off and landing? This 360 view video (you can use your mouse to turn the camera angle) gives you the inside scoop on what’s happening up in that mystery cabin in the front of a plane.


Bottoms up to 4 more days until the weekend,


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