Sunday Spooks #8

Hopefully if you’re reading this you have Monday off. If not, this is dedicated to you, enjoy:

1. This Bye Felicia Doormat on Etsy. If it doesn’t make sense why you would want this doormat, watch this.bye felicias

2. Lauren Conrad tells us the 10 Things Successful Women Do Every Day. Men should probably read this too, because we are Bo$$ Ladies and men can always learn something from us.

3. I don’t watch The Biggest Loser, but this article kept me reading via

4. Stephanie Be, supreme traveler and the nicest stranger I’ve met in a while, shares her 7 Things Travel Has Taught Her About Dating. Additionally, if you are thinking about planning a huge trip or just making travel a larger part of your life, I highly suggest her blog:

travel5. All this cool colored food from the new kid-friendly restaurant by Jessica Biel. I’ll take it all!

Coming up this week is an exciting career profile with a savvy entrepreneur and good friend, Rob Starkman. Peep Rock ‘Em Apparel beforehand!

Bottoms up to still keeping up with the New Years Resolutions?


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